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About us

 Delicious Destination...Rich & Luscious Genuine Fish Snacks



The company has been experienced for snack business more than 40 years and was incorporated as BUK SENG FOOD (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.  in 1990. Over 40 years of our excellence, we have been committed to provide the best product to our customers. We strive to improve consumers' well being through every step of clean production process, best raw material, unique spicy taste and finest seasoning ingredients. Every step of production process has been selected and paid special attention to deliver only the best and cleanest product to our customers. We even have quality control employees to monitor our production process and final product thoroughly to ensure that our product will be the best among our competitors. 


Currently, the company has 3 groups of tasty fish snacks covering in crispy fish snack, satay fish snack and honey roasted fish snack which contain more than 65% of fish meat.


From our experiences, the company has grown strength to strength which render us to be an expert in fish snack producer. We also carefully and wholeheartedly select the ingredients to be proceeded in the production in order to produce the best quality of fish snacks to serve both domestic and world market.


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